Women health clinics vary by region, although they have become more common in recent years. We spoke to Dr. Fakher Gendy, Specialist Consultant Gynecologist, to learn more about the types of conditions that can be assessed at a women’s clinic and what to expect from the service.

The Women Health Clinic aims to facilitate prompt diagnosis and treatment for women for a variety of common problems. If you need minor surgery requiring the use of specialist hospital equipment and facilities, the clinic can refer you to a suitable nearby hospital.

A real women’s clinic can treat a variety of ailments, including:

Treatment of menstrual cramps

Patients at women’s health clinics experience a variety of menstrual problems, including heavy and irregular periods, few or no periods, and bleeding between cycles.

Start a Family

Most women’s clinics can offer the full range of birth control methods, including prescription pills, implants, and IUDs. The coil can also be used to treat menstrual cramps.

Infertility Treatment

If you are having trouble conceiving, a women’s wellness clinic can perform a variety of simple tests to determine the cause of your infertility. In certain situations, we may refer you to a fertility specialist.

Sexual Problems

Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse), bleeding during or after intercourse, and concerns about low or excessive libido are some of the issues a women’s clinic may encounter.


A women’s clinic can test for a variety of conditions, including pelvic inflammatory disease, vulvar skin disease, and infections affecting the cervix or vaginal area that cause discomfort and itching.

Aesthetic Problems

Skin tags, for example, may not cause symptoms, but they can still be removed if you’re worried about how they’re affecting your appearance.

Cervical cancer screening

Cervical screening is available to all women aged 25-64 for early detection of cervical cancer. This procedure uses a swab and, in some situations, an ultrasound. Some women’s clinics also offer screening services to women aged 18-25 who are not eligible for NHS screening. This is especially important if you have a family history of cancer or other gynecological problems.

Menopause and its complications

At a women’s clinic, we can tell you about the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during menopause and create an individual treatment plan for you. We can also see how to treat similar symptoms and provide advice and alternative therapies.

What is Women’s Health?

Women’s health is the field of medicine concerned with the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a woman’s physical and mental well-being.

Women’s health encompasses a variety of specialties and focus areas, including:

  •   Gynecology, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  •   Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other malignancies that affect women
  •   mammography
  •   hormone therapy and menopause
  •   osteoporosis
  •   Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most stressful times in a woman’s life.
  •   Sexual well-being

Women health clinics often have state-of-the-art equipment to handle situations like the ones described above.

Find the nearest one and make sure your health as a woman is clearly assured.

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