The 6 Best Breathing Techniques for a Better Sleep

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The 6 Best Breathing Techniques for a better Sleep

You are not the only one finding it hard to sleep at night; many people are also suffering from this dilemma. According to research, insomnia is the most prominent sleep disorder globally. 40 percent of people suffering from this disease have short-term problems, and 20 percent have problems falling asleep.

Every adult is busy with so much stuff, and we go through a lot of stress. So that’s why we need better sleep at night.

Breathing exercise is beneficial; it will alleviate your anxiety and not also help you relax well when you are asleep.

You might turn off your devices, do some bedtime exercises, have a hot bath, yet you still don’t get a good night’s rest.

According to Michael Townsend Williams, a mindfulness and yoga instructor, we humans need to work with our breath to catch enough zeds. He is also the founder of Breathesync. An app that allows you to breathe with your heart to decrease stress and enhance your focus.

Sleeping problems are caused by we humans’ inability to switch our entire minds off and calm our bodies. And that’s where breathing comes in. He said slow breathing triggers the body’s relaxation system. It makes the heart rate slower, and the mind and muscles calm down, making you more relaxed and mentally prepared for bedtime.

It’s advisable to change your breathing style, close your eyes and learn how to breathe.

Let’s dive into the six best Breathing Techniques for a better sleep.

(1) Bhramari Pranayama Breathing Exercise

These procedures enable you to perform a unique Bhramari breathing exercise.
(I)l Lay your hand on your ears.

(II) Breathe deeply in and out while your eyes are closed.

(iii) Put a little pressure close to your nose and pay more attention to the brow sides.

(iv) Lay your index fingers above your eyebrows and lay the other over your eyes.

(V) Close your mouth and breath gradually; to make the humming sound

(vi) Do the same thing after 5 minutes

Previous studies found that Bhramari pranayama is a quick way to lessen your breathing heart rate. It’s very effective and can also get you prepared for bedtime.

(2) Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal breathing is when you breathe deeply, and It goes straight to your abdomen instead of circulating poorly in your chest. These steps below will guide you on how to breathe from the diaphragm.

(I) Lie on the bed or couch; straight and make sure the legs are slightly apart. Point all your toes outward and place your arms close to you gently. Also, make sure your palms are looking up. And make sure your two eyes are closed

(ii) Place one hand on your head and place your other hand on your chest. (iii) Lay emphasis on the hands that rise while you inhale.

(iv) If the one on your chest rises more while you inhale, emphasize compressing your stomach before getting to the top.

(v) If the hand on your chest rises the most as you inhale, focus on filling your stomach (bottom of your lungs) full of air before you reach the top. The best way to do this is to make your abdomen rise while you breathe. You will get used to it over time.

(vi) Inhale through your nose while breathing and breathe out through your mouth. Make sure you feel relaxed while you do this. Also, exhale out while counting to make sure you breathe slowly. And emphasize the way your breathing sounds.

Keep on breathing this way for 10 minutes or more. You will get used to it while you practice. It would help if you practiced it once a day.

This system of breathing is helpful in terms of helping you slow down some functions in your body that makes you anxious and tense. It allows you to breathe deeply and makes your heart slow till you sleep off.

(3) Three-part Breathing exercise

Follow these steps to practice the method;

(I) Inhale deeply for long

(ii) Breathe out fully while you focus on the feeling and your body.

(iii) Once you’ve done this for a couple of minutes, reduce how you breathe out.

(iv) After doing this a few times, reduce the speed you use in exhaling so that it will be twice as long as your inhale

A couple of people prefer this method because it’s easy.


(4) Body Scan

Are you familiar with body scan?
It makes you fall asleep on time. This technique is the act of scanning your entire body; when you have tension signs so you can sleep quickly. Here are the steps below

(I) Lie down on your bed and feel more relaxed while you breathe out
(ii) Focus on the bed under you; make sure you feel comfortable while you are breathing out.

(iii) Focus on every part of your body, from your head down to your entire body. And lookout for the tense sport. Breath out and focus on relaxing tensed muscles. At the same time, you are moving through your body.

After examining the tensions in your body, emphasize on how you breathe out. Repeat a mantra while you are breathing out. The system will make you sleep off.

Follow this procedure, and you will see how your body and mind are relaxed. You will sleep off within a short time.

(5) Counting While Breathing

Have you heard of counting before you sleep? It works perfectly.
Go through this step below to know the perfect way to count before you sleep.

(I) Lie on the bed, emphasize on breathing out, and make sure you are relaxed. (ii) Know how the bed feels while you are breathing out and also relax

(iii) Start counting from 1 to 20 and 20 to 1 backward. Count the number of air you exhale. (V). Keep doing this till you sleep off

This system has different variations;
You can decide to count from 200 downwards to make you sleep. Figure out the perfect one till you start getting constant sleep.

(6) Alternate nasal breathing exercise

This is a guide on how to breathe in and out with your nostrils to make you sleep.

(I) Sit down and cross your two legs

(ii) Put your left hand on your knee and put your right thumb on your nose

(iii) Breath out fully and close your right nostrils

(Iv) Breath out from your left nostril

(V) Open the left nostril and breathe out from it while the left one is closed.

(Vi) Keep doing this for five minutes and
Continue the rotation for 5 minutes, and end by exhaling through your left nostril.

It was revealed in research that. This method worked well for people, and it made them feel relaxed and less stressed.

An extra method I personally do use is listen to rain sounds on Youtube or listen to cool songs on YouTube to fall asleep.

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