Six Immediate Actions to take when you feel like Committing Suicide

If your mind is troubled and your second thought is a suicide, your discomfort will be more severe, and the feeling might be permanent. There are different ways to cope with this feeling and get over it.

Your pains might seem overwhelming but keep in mind that you are not the only one going through this. Many people have had this same issue in the past. A suicidal feeling doesn’t mean you are weak or suffering from a character defect.

It means you are going through a considerable discomfort that you find difficult to cope with. But as time goes on, you will overcome the feeling.

Many decent and elegant people have been there, and they got over it. More than enough people have thought about killing themselves because they find it hard to cope with depression. But they are many ways to alleviate the pain.

No matter what you are going through, people who love you are on earth. They are places where you can make a change and experience. Before you think of facing death, you need to be more courageous, but instead of committing suicide, don’t you think you can use the heroic spirit to do something different while you are alive and give yourself a good reputation? This will go long way and help you overcome the evil mindset.

If you have suicidal thoughts; these are the five immediate actions to take


  1. Stop Taking Drugs and Alcohol

Your suicidal thought can be more profound when you take too much alcohol and different drugs. To avoid being hopeless or thinking of suicide, it’s essential to avoid medications that the doctor didn’t prescribe. You might be thinking alcohol will alleviate your pains, but it won’t. It will make it worse instead.

(2)  Don’t be Secretive

The best way to cope with suicidal thoughts is when you spill out what you are going through to people you confide in. It might be your close friend, therapist, family member, pastor, doctor, or counselor.

Look for someone you confide in and let them be aware of what you are passing through and how it’s causing a lot of damage in your life. We know it’s shameful and quite embarrassing, but Don’t let that stop you from seeking help. If the first person doesn’t understand you well, they are other people to reach out to. When you’ve picked the right person to discuss with, tell them what you are going through and how you got there. Let them know it’s becoming a limitation, and they should tell you what you to do.

(3)  Vow not to do anything harmful

Despite how challenging the situation is, try hard to take some thoughts off your mind.

Even though you are going through a lot of pain, promise yourself not to do anything harmful or terrible. While you’ve pledged to yourself this, wait for probably a week and see if things will be better than it was.

Don’t let the thoughts become a reality. There is no deadline; no one forces you to act on these thoughts immediately.

(4)   Make sure your house Safe

Get rid of things that could hurt you, for instance, drugs, knives, firearms, razors, and many more. If you find it hard to do this, move to a different safe environment. You might be thinking of taking an overdose but at this point. Look for a trusted person and tell them to hold your drugs. And they give them to you when you need them.

(5)  Believe you will Overcome your Thoughts

Many people have gone through this same stage; some are still suffering from it. But they all survived it, and they looked for solutions to It. If other people survived it, you could also do the same.

There is a significant tendency that you will overcome this problem, no matter how challenging the situation is or hopeless. Just believe you will be better; everything in life is about determination.

(6)   Go to Places that Gives you Joy

There are a lot of places where you will have a Lovely time, like the cinemas, beaches, malls, arcades, and many more. If your mind is becoming more troubled by this thought, you need to visit these fantastic places.

How to Reach out to People for Assistance

Telling people about Your suicidal thought is achallenging task, even when you’ve made up your mind that you will discuss the issue with them.

If you feel reluctant to share your pains with someone, you can write everything down and give the person the note. You can also chat them up on social media or send a mail instead.

*  Let them know exactly how you feel and how the feeling wants to make you commit suicide.

*  Tell the person exactly what you are telling yourself. If you have a suicide plan, explain it to them.

*  Tell the person how the condition is and state that you can’t adapt to the situation. Let them know you already have a suicide thought but bear in mind that whoever you are talking to must be trusted


How to Cope with Suicidal Thought

You might be thinking the feelings will never end, but they will. It’s never a permanent situation. Your moods will indeed be restored. However, these are the things to do when you have suicidal thought.

Make a safety policy for yourself.

You should develop a policy that you can follow when the thoughts are flashing to your mind. And these policies must include your doctor’s number, therapist, close friends, and family. They will help you when you need their help

Do things that make you excited

Everybody on earth has what makes them happy. It might be a couple of things. You need to do them at this current state.; even though you don’t have that mood. But it would help if you forced yourself.

Constant exercise

Exercise is super safe for people going through this pain. You need to do it for 1 hour daily to spice things up. If you can’t exercise for an hour, then start with at least 20 minutes daily; you will increase it as time goes on.

What to avoid when you have suicidal thought


  • Loneliness
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Negative thought
  • Doing things that make it worse

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