How Many Times Can You Yoni Steam A Week (Risks & Benefits)

How Many Times Can You Yoni Steam A Week

From ancient times to the present day, yoni steaming has been used to help women regain their health and prepare their bodies for pregnancy and childbirth. 

Because this procedure has such an intimate and powerful impact on the health of your body and mind, it’s important to ask questions about it before you decide if it’s right for you or not. 

In this article, I’ll talk about how many times can you yoni steam a week? Let’s get started!

What Is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that promotes reproductive health, detoxes the womb, and relieves period cramps. It’s not something you want to do every day, but you can get some benefits by yoni steaming once or twice a week.

In order for it to be beneficial for your body, it should be done after your menstrual cycle. Afterward, use a cooling oil like aloe vera or coconut oil to soothe skin from possible irritation from steaming. 

Avoid any herbal supplements before yoni steaming as they may cause more harm than good. Steaming too often may also have negative effects on one’s vaginal pH levels and bacteria in the area, resulting in bad odors. 

Be sure to consume enough fluids before and after steamings as well; don’t drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks beforehand!

The Benefits Of Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that can bring deep healing and restoration to the female reproductive system. It is simple, safe, and easy to do at home. 

In addition to providing physical benefits, yoni steaming has been shown in studies to provide emotional relief as well. 

When you steam your yoni you allow yourself time for relaxation and enjoyment. There are many ways to use this time: meditate or listen to calming music, read a book, journal or paint. 

The point is to give yourself time for self-care and relaxation. I recommend using yoni steams twice per week because it provides significant health benefits, but there’s no limit on how often you may do it. 

Some people only have time on weekends and others might find it more convenient to get it done once every few weeks. What matters most is making sure you’re taking care of yourself by taking time out for what feels good!

How Often Should You Yoni Steam?

Yoni steams are known to be an excellent way to improve the health and wellness of your vagina. However, you may not know how many times you can do it per week.

It is recommended that women steam their vaginas up to four times per week for up to 15 minutes each time. 

In addition, it’s important to note that some women will experience issues with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis if they over-steamed their yonis, which can lead to discomfort and pain. 

Women should also avoid doing them on consecutive days. If you have any questions about what is best for you, please contact your doctor.

What Are The Risks Of Yoni Steaming?

There are some risks to yoni steaming, including risk of infection. Studies have shown that steaming your vagina may change the diversity of bacteria in your vagina and increase the risk of infection. 

Yoni steaming is not advisable if you have an active yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. If you do decide to steam, it is recommended to clean your vaginal area before and after with warm water.

 It’s also important to keep any fabric away from your vaginal area while you’re in this position. 

Some people believe that any lingering fabric can cause irritation because there will be more pressure on one side of the tissue as opposed to two sides being pressed together.

 It’s best for first-time yoni steamer’s to start by using plain water and get used to sitting comfortably for ten minutes before adding anything else such as essential oils.

Yoni Steaming Herbs And Its Benefits

Yoni steaming is an ancient healing practice that involves sitting with your yoni over steaming water or herbs to release toxins, improve blood flow, and soothe the nervous system. 

Some women do it once a month and others as often as three times per week. It’s important to find what works for you, but it’s best not to steam more than four times in one week if you want the herbs to be effective.

 After the first two weeks, you can start adding about two days between each yoni steaming session. However, remember that most people don’t have time for this because they’re busy raising children, working full-time jobs and trying to maintain a social life.

 If you need help relaxing, we recommend giving yourself 30 minutes of downtime on Sundays by using a blanket.

When you finish your yoni steaming session, pour some hot water into the pot to keep it warm and enjoy a cup of herbal tea before moving on to something else like reading a book or watching TV.

How Often Should You Perform A Yoni Steam?

The number of times you can perform a yoni steam in one week depends on your menstrual cycle. If you are pre-menopausal and menstruating, then you should be able to do it every day. 

If you are post-menopausal, then you can do it two or three times per week. Regardless of your age, the longer intervals between steams will be best for maintaining balance and health in your life. 

There are also many herbs that can be added to the water that have additional benefits such as improving circulation, calming the mind, and nourishing your skin. 

Do not consume any caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea) before performing a steam because this may cause palpitations. Keep hot water away from children and pets at all times. Add some type of aromatic oil to make the experience more pleasurable. 

Perform five breaths into your belly when you are done to circulate the herbal steam throughout your body.

The Bottom Line

Yoni steams are one of the best ways to keep your vagina healthy. They’re also a great way to release stress and tension in your body. 

However, you can only do this type of steaming once per week without causing irritation or dryness, so it’s important to know when you should stop for the day. 

You should feel refreshed after yoni steaming but never sore. If the steam is too hot or if you have vaginal sores, cuts, inflammation, yeast infections, etc., then yoni steaming could make these conditions worse.


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