Highest Paying Jobs In Canada & How to Apply Online

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada & How to Apply Online

Our page will provide you with the necessary information you need to go for that dream job in Canada this year 2022. Having plans to travel to Canada for an overseas career this year 2022? If yes, then you’re currently on the right page. Before you embark on such an awesome trip you ought to have familiarized yourself with the highest paying jobs in Canada, as it will go a long way to helping you make credible job decisions. Getting to know these jobs will communicate the worthiness of your trip to Canada as well.

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada & How to Apply Online

Below is a list of the highest paid jobs in Canada:

1.) Surgeon

When it comes to health care services, that of Canada is top notch, Canada has one of the best health facilities you can find anywhere. However, the nation is currently experiencing shortage in the number of work force and this deficiency cuts across almost the whole sectors. So there is a large number of vacant positions available for medical personnel.

The requirements and qualifications for this job are the same with that of any country; You have completed a medical degree and did a 5 year residency program. Surgeons earn well, their average salary is 340,000 CAD per year.

2.) Dentist

According to Webster dictionary, A Dentist is “a person whose job is to care for people’s teeth”. It will interest you to know that one of Canada’s most prestigious jobs, and well paid professions, is that of a dentist. Statistics given by Jobs Bank of Canada states that ” there will be about 12,200 new jobs for dentists till 2028 while only 7,000 new job seekers enter the market every year”. We have seen that the demand and supply ratio depicts a huge opportunity for international job seekers. A Dentist earn an average salary of 293,000 CAD per year.

3.) Petroleum Engineer

These are the big guys in the oil and gas sectors. They’re engaged in production and exploitation of oil and gas deposits; and are involved in the planning, design, development and supervision of projects related to oil wells. The requirements for this job is to have a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or in a related area of engineering. Petroleum Engineers receive an average salary of 208,000 CAD per year.

4.) Psychiatrist

This is a branch of medicine that focuses and handle’s issues of mental and emotional disorder, and so the treatment of mental illness is done by a psychiatrist. For the requirements, upon graduation, students are expected to pass the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons examination in order to practice as a psychiatrist in Canada and earn an average of 250-290,000 CAD per year.

5.) IT manager

Information Technology (IT) is one job that gets good Payment in Canada even though the remuneration is not up to that of the physician and dentist stated above. The duty of An IT Manager is to build strategies for information technology, research solutions and staff management. The job requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, IT or related fields. An IT’s salary is around 200-203,000 CAD per year.

6.) Marketing Manager

A marketing manager has the sole responsibility of sustaining and improving the brand image of products/services rests with marketing managers. They usually create promotion strategies for different brands. To be qualified for this job, An MBA from a Canadian university is required for this job. The remuneration of an average Marketing manager is between 190-195,000 CAD yearly

7.) Pilot

This is a top job that any qualified person should hunt for. Pilots are required in Canada for commercial flights, security services or government-owned aviation services, the job of a pilot is a risky one which is why they’re often times paid and much better compared to other jobs listed here. The aviation industry in Canada has a stable job market, according to Jobs Bank Canada. Pilots are paid an average of 195,000 CAD per year.

8.) Lawyer

Most Lawyers are now even venturing into politics. Lawyers give legal counsel to clients. Research has it that between 2019 and 2028, about 46,000 new positions will be created for judges, lawyers and legal practitioners. an LLB or LLM degree is a major qualification. They receive an annual salary between 190,000 to 192,000 CAD per year.



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