Nine Food You can take for WeightLoss

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Most weight loss meals are low in calories, high in protein, and saturated in fat, And They contain vitamins and minerals.

When you add a few tweaks to your diet and consume foods that get you filled up, you genuinely want to deliver some quality nutrients. You can get a kick out of some tasty meals that may keep going through the whole day, and these meals would also help you obtain a set of rewards while you are trying to reach your weight loss target.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose several pounds in four weeks or you want to form the habit of eating less and have reasonable portion control while you add some exercise to it. The foods I will be listing below will be helpful to you. These foods would also make you feel good and active.

What are the types of food that are good for weight loss?

Any meal with a high protein is good for weight loss, and that’s because they have a lot of macronutrients.

Here are the nine best foods for weight loss

(1) Avocado

A single scoop of avocado is an effective hunger squasher for both men and women. Many people have testified to how fresh avocado lessened their appetite for hours. And that’s because avocado contains polyunsaturated and mono fat. It also reduces cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases. To get the most out of avocado; cut a few slices and add them to your tacos, sandwiches, eggs, or toast bread.

(2) Kale

This leafy vegetable is known for its various health benefits, including many vital nutrients and antioxidants, vitamin c, vitamin k, and manganese.

Kale is also high in fiber and also low in calories. These components are a mixture that moves gradually in your digestive tract and keeps you filled up for an extended period, and this is very good for weight loss.

Adding kale to your diet with some garlic for a susceptible side meal or using it to make your pasta pop up is an excellent idea.


Consuming a handful of nuts in just one day can make a lot more changes than what you expected; it will transmit a lot of nutritional benefits to your body. Nuts will help you control your body weight as they increase satiety; we all know satiety is a feeling of fullness.

What are the most effective nut for a quick result?

Chestnuts are the best nuts to go for with quick results, and they contain a lot of almonds. Scientists say consuming a handful of almonds a day will decrease your body fat. It will also enhance your cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, flax seeds, sunflowers, and chia can also be a healthy weight loss plan.

It would help if you got pumpkin seeds either because they have a lot of zinc. And we all know zinc will help you lose weight quickly.

(4) Berries

Blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries are highly nutritious, flavorful, and energetic.

Blueberries contain vitamin c and vitamin k, which are rich in fiber.
They are tasty and provide fewer calories than other desserts and snacks.

To get the best out of your berries, add them to your smoothies to give your oatmeal or yogurt an excellent Taste. They can be a terrific snack either on their own or when you are eating a fruit salad.

(5) Bananas

Bananas contain many flat nutrients that prevent depression; the chemicals in them make you feel good, and it goes into the brain faster.

Doctors advised that we should increase the quantity of folate we consume; if we use antidepressants to improve the effect. But there are other reasons why you need to eat bananas, One of the reasons includes; a fat-blasting vitamin b and 12 milligrams of choline.


I know you might be surprised that chocolates are on this list; well, chocolates are not harmful, and a nibble won’t give you more weight; it would moderately reduce some pounds in your body.

But the best type of chocolate to go for are the ones with a lot of coco in them. Not the milky chocolate. The reason is That coco is generally nutrient-dense, and it has a lot of antioxidants. Dark chocolates are the best for you if you are looking forward to lowering your blood pressure.

When you eat 40 grams of chocolate for one month, it will give you more strength when you are working out.; it will also prevent you from having a stroke.

(7) Eggs

We all know eggs are delicious and versatile, and the preparation is fast and easy. They are one of the best meals for weight loss.

And that’s because they have different essential minerals and vitamins in each portion. They have vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, and riboflavin.

The proteins in eggs will help you maintain the fullest feeling To improve weight loss.

If you want to get good results with eggs, boil them and make sure they are hard. When it is done, add some pepper and salt to it. One other way to enjoy your eggs is when you add them to your store-fries, omelets, burritos, omelets, and many more.

(8) Apple

Eating apples is very effective, and it is one of the best meals that reduces belly fat. Eating 1 or 2 apples after exercising is One decent way to lose weight.

Doctors have advised women to eat apples frequently to prevent coronary disease.

If you are looking to slim down, try eating an apple with 4.5 grams of fiber and 100 calories. If you don’t like it raw, you can cut them into pieces and add them to your oatmeal, or you add them to your peanut butter if you don’t mind.


Caffeinated drinks will speed up your metabolism and increase the rate you lose weight. To spice things up, take some black tea and green tea; They are very effective and will combat obesity.

When you plan on drinking caffeine, black tea, or green tea, avoid adding a larger quantity of milk or any artificial mixture. Doing this will cause a caloric disaster. If you feel like adding some milk to your coffee, add plant-based milk instead.


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