Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Causes,



Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and Causes,

Erectile dysfunction is the incapacity to maintain or get enough erection firm for sexual intercourse. It could also be regarded as impotence.

Many people have begun to suffer from ED mostly when they are highly stressed, meaning that ED isn’t a rare health problem. Once you have it, you will need proper care. It also shows you are suffering from relationship or health problems. In that case, you will need to talk to a professional about the dilemma.

In this article, we will be enlighten our readers about the

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and Causes. If you are suffering from ED, this article might be helpful to you.

What is the cause of erection?

Erectile Dysfunction shows up any time, mostly when you are battling with an erection process. If you aren’t familiar with the word erection, it’s the outcome of blood flow into your penis. When you have an erection, The blood flow is Facilitated by direct contact with your manhood, and sexual thoughts could also stimulate it.

As a man, when your manhood hood is aroused, the blood vessels are stable and there loosening up. This might result in increased blood flow from the penile arteries, filling more than one Room in your manhood. When the rooms are covered with blood, your manhood becomes severe.

The erection gets terminated mostly when the muscles within your blood vessels contract and compiled blood comes out through the penile veins.

Causes of ED

ED has many more causes than the ones listed below, and these causes may contain two terms: physical conditions and emotional stress. The prominent ones include;

* hypertension, or high blood pressure * cardiovascular disease
* diabetes
* high cholesterol

* low testosterone levels

* Obesity
* prescription medications used for treating high blood

* kidney disease * Stress
* Increased age * Anxiety

* Drug use
* relationship problems
* Parkinson’s disease
* multiple sclerosis (MS)
* Peyronie’s disease causes scar tissue to expand in the penis. * Depression
* Excess alcohol intake
* Excess intake of tobacco products
* Sleep disorder
* damage of the pelvic via an injury or surgery

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be inflicted by any of these factors or various factors. That is why we advise you to consult with the doctor all the time, so they iron out every health issue and treat any underlying health problems.

The diagnosis

Erectile Dysfunction testing involves different steps, including sexual history, health examination, and physical examination. The doctor might appoint more tests and discern if the symptoms are affected by an underlying condition.

Physical exam

When you have ED, your doctor will give you a physical exam which includes;

Checking your blood pressure frequently Listening to your lungs and your heart Assessing your penis and testicles

You might be told to examine your prostate frequently.

Psychological history

Your doctor will interrogate you and give you a form to fill; the form will contain many questions ranging from your health history, symptoms, and sexual history. What you fill form will classify the severity of your Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The essential questions might include;

  • ●  How long have you been undergoing an Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Did it occur gradually or suddenly?
  • ●  Do you have problems reaching your organism, ejaculation, or sexual desire feeling?
  • ●  Do you have sex often?
  • ●  Are your erections affected by a specific stimulation type or a particular situation?
  • ●  Do you wake up at night suddenly, and you battle with the erection?
  • ●  Do you been going through stress on a daily basis?
  • ●  What’s going on in your current relationship? And what expectations do you have for

    yourself and your partner; have there been any changes so far?

  • ●  Do you use tobacco, nonprescription drugs, or drink alcohol? What medications have

    you been taking?

  • ●  Are you facing any underlying condition, or have you gone through any surgery on your

    pelvic part? *

    Additional tests

    There is a possibility that your doctor performs more test to help you diagnose your Erectile Dysfunction;

    The possible test include;

  • ●  Injection; you will be given an injection in your manhood that stimulates the erection.

    Your doctor will explain how long your erection lasts longer and more.

  • ●  A urine test; will reveal underlying health problems.
  • ●  A blood test; will examine your conditions like heart disease, low testosterone levels, and thyroid issues.


    The treatment depends on the causes; you might be asked to use various combinations, including talk therapy and medication.


    These medications will facilitate blood flows to your manhood

● vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)

  • ●  avanafil (Stendra)
  • ●  tadalafil (Cialis)
  • ●  sildenafil (Viagra)
  • ●  Talk therapy;

    Several psychological factors that causes ED;

    ● Anxiety
    ● Depression

  • ● Stress

    If you are battling with psychological ED, talk therapy may be advantageous on several occasions. What you will discuss with your therapist might include;

  • ●  How do you feel when having sex?
  • ●  Anxiety factors
  • ●  The tension that affects your well being

    Vacuum pumps

    It’s the process when vacuums are used to stimulate an erection. This draws blood into your manhood which will lead to an erection.

    The devices comprises of ;

  • ●  A small plastic tube that is placed on your manhood
  • ●  A small pump that helps you create the vacuum by sending the air out of the tube
  • ●  An elastic will be pushed to the base of your manhood as you pull off the tube.

    Symptoms of Erectile dysfunction

    When you find it difficult to get an erection or can’t maintain an erection while having sex, these actions are common symptoms of ED.

  • ●  sexual disorders related to Erectile dysfunction include;
  • ●  Delayed ejaculation.
  • ●  The problem of achieving orgasm and considerable stimulation

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