To stay healthy and alert, a man needs the best nutritional supplement to keep going. Dietary supplements maintain the body’s metabolism, increase the regeneration of lost cells, reduce stress and keep the body’s systems functioning optimally.

The best supplements for men are products that are taken orally and contain one or more components (such as vitamins or amino acids) to supplement the diet. Food is not taken into account.

Men are less likely than women to see a doctor when they get sick or have a serious health condition. They take even fewer vitamins to stay healthy. There are several essential vitamins that every man should take for maximum health, whether he is his partner, brother, father, or closest friend. The top three (3) steps to getting the men in your life to follow are:

1. Zinc is needed for optimal testosterone levels.

With age, obesity, and stress, a man’s testosterone levels decline. Low testosterone levels have been linked to depression, osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease and even death, so it’s vital for men to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Encourage your man to take zinc, which is important for controlling blood levels of testosterone and LH, the hormone that increases testosterone synthesis. Zinc also appears to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Take 25-50 mg daily with food.

2. Fish oils for prostate and heart health

Anti-inflammatory fish oils are good for the heart, brain, eyes and blood vessels. They help protect the brain from the negative effects of a stressful lifestyle and reduce the risk of heart disease. The benefits also apply to the prostate. According to a study published in Cancer Prevention Research, men with prostate cancer who combined a low-fat diet with fish oil supplements had a reduced rate of cancer cell growth, with benefits seen in just four weeks. In other studies, fish oil has been shown to reduce levels of triglycerides (a form of fat) by 25-30%. They have also been shown to reduce the severity of brain damage after stroke. Not a bad CV for an extra! I recommend taking two to three capsules (or one teaspoon) twice daily with each meal.


3. Antioxidants for blood pressure and anti-aging.


Vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid are important antioxidants for anti-aging and general well-being. They prevent cell damage caused by pollution, sun exposure, exercise, stress and the body’s natural metabolic processes. In one study, men who consumed the most vitamin C were significantly less likely to die of cancer than those who consumed the least. Taking coenzyme Q10 lowers blood pressure while increasing levels of ecSOD, an enzyme that protects blood vessels from damage. It can help improve sperm quality and therefore male fertility. To get the most out of your antioxidant supplementation, take a blend of high-potency antioxidants every day.

Lastly, as a man, using the The best supplements for men will improve your immunity and performance. Whenever you experience weaknesses, mental stress, body imbalance or health inconsistencies, make sure you take these supplements. They will boost whatever you lack in your system.

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