10 ways You may be Sabotaging your Night Sleep Schedule


These days, It’s rare for people to listen to what the doctor says about 8 hours of Sleep. And that’s because we have many things distracting us which keep us awake—for instance, our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many more.

It wouldn’t be nice to go through a lot of stress all day and not have a good sleep. And you ignore the lost time and continue with our Norman activities.

We all know there is nothing better than having a good night’s rest.

Some people might carve out time in their schedule to catch enough Sleep at night, but they wake up at night.

You might be thinking you are the only one who doesn’t get enough Sleep at night but bear in mind that there are many other people doing the same thing.

We will be talking about 10 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Sleep Schedule.

(1) Long daytime naps

Many people believe that when they sleep in the daytime, it enables them to meet up with lost Sleep, But it doesn’t. It’s more harmful than what you are thinking.

If you like daytime naps, it’s essential to make It Brief. If you are the Type that sleeps very deep during the day and finds it hard to wake up on time, bear in mind that you are doing more harm to your body system. You will also find it difficult to sleep well at night.

What is the standard time during the day?

It all depends on what you went through During the day. But the ideal amount of time for a daily nap is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Sleeping for that number of minutes is refreshing. Sleeping after 3 pm isn’t ideal because it would lessen your sleep drive and stop you from sleeping at night.

(2) Late-night snacks

There are several snacks you need to avoid late at night because they can tamper with your sleep drive. They will prevent you from getting enough Sleep at night. These snacks include; Saturated fat, sugar, chocolate, and Caffeine.

Previous studies found that high saturated fat and low fiber diets can cause sleep disorders. You need to avoid any fat meal, chocolate, or sugar.

There are several foods you can eat at night that would make you sleep at night. Like cheese, yogurt, walnuts, avocado, fish, chia seeds, full-fat milk, etc.

After consuming this meals, let it digest for 1 or 2 hours before sleeping to avoid heartburn.

(3) Light

Regular light would permanently harm your sleep circle and the blue light. This light affects your body’s circadian rhythm and confuses your system, so you might not know the best time to sleep. The light would make your body system think it’s daytime when it’s late night. Your system wouldn’t know it’s time to produce melatonin ( a sleep preparation). It is essential to sleep in the dark, but if you detest sleeping in the dark. You can get a small night light and turn it on.

(4) Alcohol

Many people believe alcohol would make you sleep on time, but it has some downsides. Nevertheless, it makes every human Sleep quickly, but the sleep aspect isn’t ideal. And what causes it is when you get Tipsy late at night; your body produces Non-rem Sleep when it is meant to produce a rem sleep, which makes your night sleepless and stimulating. Furthermore, when you drink alcohol excessively, you tend to go to the toilet countless times, giving you a sleepless night. So it would help if you stop drinking alcohol at night.

(5) Caffeinated drinks

We all know Caffeine has an unfavorable effect on Sleep; we are sure this isn’t new to you. When you drink a caffeinated drink at night, your alertness and heart rate will expand, preventing you from sleeping well at night. It is important to avoid any caffeinated drink, and it’s essential to recognize beverages that have Caffeine in them. Beverages you need to avoid includes;

Black tea, coffee, green tea, chocolate, soda, and matcha.

(6) Evening exercise

Some people believe exercise can improve every human beings’ sleep quality. Yes, it does, to an extent. On the other hand, it also has a few adverse effects.
Exercise can affect your circadian rhythm.
It’s advisable to exercise your body between 7 am to 10 pm. You can also exercise from around 1 pm to 4 pm. But evening exercise from 6 pm to 9 pm has a harmful effect; it might delay your system’s body clock. If you don’t get the time to exercise during the day, you can do it on weekends.

(7) Mind games

Mind Games have some adverse effects on your system; if you love reading mentally, problem-solving, intense conversation, and emotional books. These things will hurt your night’s sleep, and that is because your mind is already stimulated. You need to understand that your mind can dominate your whole body and affect your night’s sleep. It might give you bad dreams or a night of restless sleep.

(8) Heavy Meals

Eating before going to bed is harmful, even though late-night snacks are a midnight activity. When you eat heavy meals that has a lot of fat, you tend to have a night of restorative sleep. So it’s crucial to eat any snacky meal Earlier, but if you love eating late at night, eat something lighter.

(9) Stress

If stress hinders your Sleep, you will feel so frustrated, and it’s so uncontrollable. It makes people feel like their brain is damaged. Most especially when you have anxiety; these levels will keep you awake and make it difficult to sleep.
Unfortunately, this problem doesn’t stop; it will affect your mind and increase irritability. The best way to overcome this is to meditate for an extended period.

(10) Technology

We all know that your mobile devices could keep you awake more than you expected. Your devices like your smartphones, tabs, MacBooks, laptops, and tv decrease melatonin production, making it difficult to sleep. Social media videos will also distract you, so it’s essential to turn off your devices for a long while before bed.

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