10 Amazing Things Bananas will to Your Body

10 Amazing Things Bananas will to Your Body

10 Amazing Things Bananas will to Your Body

Bananas are one the cheapest healthy fruits, delicious, and convenient. It is among the most consumed fruits.

Bananas are said to be a relative to Southeast Asia, but they are also planted in different parts of the world. The Ones found in grocery stores are called the Cavendish species. They are usually green in color but it changes to yellow when ripe. They are usually soft and they taste good; they are also high in demand.

Bananas have different essential nutrients, and they are a good diet, digestion, heart health, and weight loss.

Banana is more like a tool that helps you lose weight, fight cancer, reduce bloat, and improve your energy.

The fruits are the most purchased in every grocery store. Monkeys love this fruit so much. It’s important not to hold a banana when there is a monkey around you because they might attack you and snatch it from you.

One important tip you need to know about bananas is that the more it becomes ripe, the more nutrients it gets.

However, we have made in-depth research on the 10 Amazing Things Bananas Will Do to Your Body.

Here are the 10 Amazing Things Bananas will go to Your Body

(1) It recovers muscle faster

Banana has a lot of electrolytes and potassium that help you recover muscle fast; when you work out. It will strengthen your body growth and give you more strength to work out more.

(2) It improvises your sugar level

Banana has a rich solute that helps your body during digestion, and it dissolves the liquid in your body to form a gel.

The unripe banana has an immune starch that doesn’t allow the fruit to digest well in your body.

These two fibers will keep your blood sugar level moderate immediately after having your meal. They will also restrain your appetite by slowly digesting the meal in your stomach.

Despite the increased carb content, it won’t have any side effects on blood sugar levels. The downside is that it’s not advisable to eat too many bananas at once if you have diabetes.

(3) It builds thin muscles rapidly

If you workout steadily and feel you haven’t achieved the kind of muscle you want, or the muscle isn’t growing as fast as you want, you might not be eating enough magnesium. Bananas are the best diet that contains a lot of magnesium, and they will help you build muscle rapidly.

One other thing you need to know about magnesium is that it increases lipolysis. If you know about lipolysis, it’s a method where your body discharges enough fat. The best way to get more magnesium is by preparing a banana tea with hot water; cut both ends and boil the peel. And you drink it before going to bed.

(4) It reduces stress and anxiety feelings

In a well-known study, bananas have a substance called tryptophan. It is said to be a serotonin precursor. According to research, serotonin is an important brain chemical with an antidepressant that cures insomnia, anxiety, agitation, irritability, aggression, and anger. Bananas also have a substance called

norepinephrine which restrains stress. They are a natural way to prevent mood swings like depression. All you need is to crush the banana in water and drink it.

(5) Eating it banana before going to sleep makes you sleep better

Banana is another perfect cure for sleepless nights, and that’s because it has melatonin. What melatonin does is to boost relaxation and improve your sleep.

(6) It regulates blood pressure

According to the scientists, the mixture of high potassium intake, and low sodium, is connected to the inadequate blood pressure level and inadequate frequency of stroke in people. But you need to understand that bananas have high potassium and low sodium. The FDA announces that bananas protect against strokes and heart diseases.

(7) Bananas will get you filled up.

Banana has a resistant starch which helps to resist the digestion process.
The starch suppresses your appetite, and it will also lead to extra productive fat oxidation.

A nutritionist once said that when you rehabilitate some carbohydrate percentage with any meal that contains a resistant start, it will increase fat burn. We suggest you add some underripe bananas to your smoothies and other veggies and fruits; you will love the taste.

(8) Bananas increase good mood

Bananas contain %6 vitaminb9 known as folate. If you don’t know what folate is. It is a nutrient that battles depression. It also gives you serotonin. We all know serotonin is a chemical that gives a good feeling.

(9) it reduces bad cholesterol

Bananas have phytosterols, a compound that contains LDL cholesterol decreasing effects. In addition to this, bananas have vitamin b6, which helps your immune health, heart health, and nervous system.

(10) Bananas help the bone

Bananas don’t have enlightened calcium, but they can improve calcium uptake by correlating with prebiotic fructooligosaccharides. Once fructooligosaccharides ferment in your body, it enhances the body to assimilate calcium


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